Employee absences can be costly and time-consuming

Image: To see the original, click here: https://marketing.erepublic.com/acton/ct/16245/s-146a-1702/Bct/q-0597/l-sf-contact-043a:10a380/ct3_0/1?sid=TV2%3ALXaiiHnWn Absences are a part of any workplace, but they can also be costly and time-consuming to handle – particularly for government agencies and education institutions. The cost of time off and absences in higher education alone is estimated to be more than $60 billion. And for other agencies like public safety, the cost can’t just be measured in dollars. Knowing how to respond effectively to absences – planned and unplanned – can help government agencies and education institutions minimize disruptions, save time and money, and ultimately better serve constituents and students. Tuesday, March 14, 2017 11 AM PT/ 2PM ET Complimentary Webinar ——————————————————————————– Register Now https://cms.erepublic.com/common/forms/ajax_form/73551?promo_code=gov_webinar_email_73551_v2 Featured Speakers: Mark Funkhouser, Former City Auditor and Mayor of Kansas City Mollie Lombardi, Co-Founder and CEO, Aptitude Research Partners Moderator: John Bernard, Senior Fellow, Governing Institute Join this webinar with Mark Funkhouser, former city auditor and mayor of Kansas City, Mo., and Mollie Lombardi, Co-Founder and CEO of Aptitude Research, as they: Discuss absence pain points and why you should consider automating absence management Present research on the effect of absence on morale, productivity, and the cost of employee turnover/burnout Provide details on how an automated solution can help you more fully understand your organization’s absence trends and develop strategies to cut costs, ensure leave policy compliance, and improve organizational productivity For questions or to register https://cms.erepublic.com/common/forms/ajax_form/73551?promo_code=gov_webinar_email_73551_v2 , contact: Katherine Howard Director of Event Communications GOVERNING | governing.com khoward@governing.com (916) 932 -1421 Sponsored by: ——————————————————————————– ——————————————————————————– This email was sent to blog0032.aree345@mail.ulasu.com on behalf of Governing. Unsubscribe blog0032.aree345@mail.ulasu.com&newsletter=89″ >http://cms.erepublic.com/common/subscriptions/unsubscribe?email=blog0032.aree345@mail.ulasu.com&newsletter=89 | Opt out of all e.Republic email http://marketing.erepublic.com/acton/rif/16245/s-146a-1702/-/l-sf-contact-043a:10a380/q-0597/zout?sid=TV2%3ALXaiiHnWn | Privacy Statement http://www.erepublic.com/privacy/ © 2017 e.Republic. All rights reserved. 100 Blue Ravine Rd, Folsom, CA 95630, USA. Phone: 916-932-1300