In Red-State Races for Governor, Democrats Could Come Out on Top View Newsletter in Browser to Governing Magazine & Newsletters on Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn THIS WEEK IN POLITICS In Red-State Races for Governor, Democrats Could Come Out on Top By Alan Greenblatt As this election year began, it looked as if the GOP might break its own record for the number of governorships under the party’s control. That’s looking less likely now. Democrats are not only hanging tough in states that typically vote Republican for president — including some that appear to be sticking with Donald Trump this year — but actually leading in several of them. “In theory, the stars should have been aligned for the Republicans," said John Messmer, a political scientist at St. Louis Community College. He was referring to the governor’s race in Missouri but might well have been describing the contests in Indiana, Montana, North Carolina or West Virginia. Republicans currently hold 31 governorships, compared with 18 for the Democrats. Alaska Gov. Bill Walker is an independent. The GOP’s modern high is 32. Democrats are defending eight of the 12 governorships up for grabs this year, including those in three states that voted against Barack Obama twice. KEEP READING >> MORE POLITICS NEWS & COMMENTARY Obama Makes Unprecedented Endorsements Down the Ballot He’s working to get roughly 150 candidates elected across 20 states. Why There Will Be Fewer Feds Monitoring the Polls This Year The potential loss of access to real-time voting operations is causing concern among civil rights and voting rights activists in some places. Half of 2016 Races for Governor Too Close to Call Democrats are looking to narrow the GOP’s historically large hold on gubernatorial seats. Here’s our state-by-state analysis of each election. 2016 Governors Races Ratings & News This week: Final debates took place in Delaware and Indiana, and one candidate’s back taxes are coming back to haunt him. As Automatic Voter Registration Spreads, Will It Impact Turnout? Alaska is deciding whether to adopt the idea as the state that did first sees how many more people it brings to the polls. Are Voter ID Laws Dead? That Depends. Judges are starting to strike down the laws, calling them racist. But their survival depends on the outcome of the November election. Ex-Pennsylvania AG Sentenced to Prison Kathleen G. Kane was sentenced Monday to 10 to 23 months in jail for orchestrating an illegal news leak to damage a political enemy 2016 State Ballot Measures Coverage Our ongoing stories on everything you need to know about the most important issues voters will decide. Unusual Polling Places in America These are some of the nation’s most surprising, unique and out-of-the-way spots where people cast their ballots. Court Clears Michigan Voters to Take Ballot Selfies The state’s ban on them, ruled a federal judge, was a violation of the First Amendment right to free speech. How Old Is Too Old to Be a Judge? Voters Get to Decide. That question — and others regarding judicial careers — appears on several states’ ballots this year. How State Elections Could Affect Road Funding The victors in down-ballot races could determine what approaches states take toward fixing up rundown roads and infrastructure in the years to come. Guns and Ammo Restrictions on the Ballot in 4 States As Congress and legislatures stall on the issue, gun-control advocates are taking their fight to the voters. To Limit Debt or Make It Limitless? 2 States’ Voters Will Decide. In an anti-debt climate, one state aims to rein it in while another tries to uncap it. Write-In Votes Aren’t Allowed for President in 9 States Some voters are sure to be disappointed. ENJOY THIS NEWSLETTER? Governing has 10 others delivering news and commentary on a wide range of topics straight to your inbox. SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE TODAY This email was sent to Unsubscribe″ > | Opt out of all e.Republic email | Privacy Statement © 2016 e.Republic. All rights reserved. 100 Blue Ravine Road, Folsom, CA 95630. Phone: 916-932-1300